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Azura Style Jaques: Madrid Collection

Ahhhh; Jaques Jaques Jaques...How did you know how much I love flowers? The tiniest of poesy painted details, braided and woven within your toe strap- a secret only you may know. But then again, we're all about the subtleties of what make us happy including a gorgeous but comfortable shoe you can wear all day long and into the night. Padded inner sole , back elastic strap, and Deco inspired faux cork outsoles. Unforgettable, soft and buttery.

1. High Quality Spanish Leather Upper.
2. Beautiful color combinations on a cross strap sling back sandal.
3. Lightly padded from heel to toe.
4. Polyurethane outsole with a geometric design.
5. Made In Spain.

1. Material is naturally soft, light, and breathable.
2. Fashionable and Elegant with a Secure Simple Elastic Back Strap.
3. Comfort with Every Step.
4. Naturally shock absorbent, lightweight, durable, and long lasting.
5. True genuine Spanish craftsmanship.

1. Heel Height: 2 1/2"
2. Platform Height: 1 1/4"

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