An artistic journey of beauty combined with comfort.

Wearable art

During a family heritage trip to Morocco in the early 2000s, we first discovered the ancient leather tanneries on a rooftop in the old market in the city of Fez. The vibrant colors and the process of traditional hand painted shoes was fascinating and led to the creation of our L’Artiste.

L'Artiste brings our inspiration to life and combines French impressionism with our Moroccan heritage. Expression of one’s inner perceptions of nature & its divine beauty is the inspiring force to bring exquisite designs & unparalleled quality, matched with traditional handcrafted footwear that suits an ever growing need for innovative creativity.


Each L’Artiste collection embodies a balance of our Moroccan heritage combined with the French Impressionism art movement that started in the mid-19th century and included the desire to hand paint modern life.

L'Artiste styles integrate creativity, female charm, art, and romance into its unique artisanship & design in every piece.


Every L'Artiste product is handmade and hand painted by our artists while using the finest materials; genuine leather and rubber soles to provide maximal quality and comfort.

Our leathers undergo a special coloring & vegan dying process that originated in the Moroccan alphas- a method that has been used for centuries ensuring an artisan look and feel in every piece.


An ancient tradition of Moroccan production combined with French designs produce our unique collection that focuses on design, comfort, and extraordinary attention to detail.

With a palette of endless color choices and materials, when a woman steps into a pair of L’Artiste shoes, she makes a fashion statement. Every pair a mini masterpiece of self-expression, innovation and originality in living color.

L'Artiste Sandals

L'Artiste sandals have been refined over time as they reach a new level of artistic appeal and high end quality. Beautiful, Artistically different and comfortable all at the same time.

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